MATCH is reaching out to Public Housing Authorities, Multi-Unit Dwellings, Small Businesses and Youth Groups in order to provide support to Be Smoke Free at home, work and play!

The MATCH Coalition (Mobilize Against Tobacco for Connecticut's Health) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping eliminate smoking and smoking related illness in the state of Connecticut.

MATCH received a Grant from the CT Department of Public Health which included the following initiatives:

Secondhand Smoke: Live Smoke-Free at Home, Work and Play

  • Banning tobacco use in private clubs and workplaces with <5 employees
  • Working with Public Housing Authorities and Multi-Unit Dwellings to voluntarily go smoke free.
  • Including smoke-free homes in the DPH Healthy Homes Initiative

 Decrease Youth Access to Tobacco and Advertising

  • Operation Storefront: Merchant and Community education through volunteer inspections at local stores.
  • Educate youth and parents about the tobacco possession law and fines for youth under the age of 18.

Increase awareness regarding secondhand smoke and youth access

  • Develop specific materials for MATCH website

  • Serve as a source of materials for the public

How MATCH can help you while meeting its goals?

Second Hand Smoke Piece

  • Do you work with Public Housing Authorities and/or Multi-Unit Dwellings? We can educate them on opportunity to go smoke free and how easy it can be. We are looking for leads for PHA, Multi-Unit Housing and connections to them.

Legislation Change

  • Let us put you on our email list so we can update you when legislation is coming out on Tobacco matters. We know Tobacco effects so many people health wise, financially and as second hand smoke. Help us by supporting Legislature we help develop, mobilize your networks at critical times so our Legislatures hear from many different people and groups.

  • Have a need for assistance with smoking or second hand smoke? MATCH has years of experience and research to help your group enact change. Partner with MATCH and we can look at your concern and give you the support you need to get change.

Youth Access and Advertising

  • Operation Storefront
    • Identify willing communities to participate in voluntary Tobacco Marketing Inspections. We need Youth Groups to work with and take the lead in implementing inspections. Help identify and train adults and youth to document tobacco advertising in retail stores using MATCH’s Checklist and Training Materials

    •  Partner with MATCH to develop and review materials

  • Campaign to Educate Youth and Adults about Possession of Cigarettes by Youth

    • Consider how MATCH can partner with your Youth Groups.

      • We can participate in Health Fairs, Youth Meetings, provide Workshops and/or Materials directed at keeping Youths from using Tobacco Products or helping them find resources to quit.

      • Provide Speakers on Tobacco Related Topics

      • Provide resources and background on various Tobacco Products

      • Provide resources on the Possession Law and who it effects

Contact MATCH today by email: or by phone: 860.525.9738. 

We are interested in what you have to say and how we can help you with Tobacco Related Issues in your organization!